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Our Mission 

Waiting without the weight is a nonprofit that vows to encourage, uplift, support, educate and embrace all who are struggling with the heaviness that comes with infertility. We desire to help you learn to wait WELL. We believe that infertility is NOT our end. Waiting without the Weight is a safe place where you can be heard and honest about the whirlwind of emotions experienced daily while walking this path.  We cater to mental health and self care of both men and women facing challenges to start or expand their families.  This platform also serve as a resource for family and friends connected to a woman/man in waiting.  We are here to help eliminate the embarrassment, loneliness and silence that this disease has us stuck in. You are NOT ALONE, WWTW is here with you every step of this journey. Infertility is not something openly talked about and our goal is to create opportunities for our voices to be heard. 


Forget all the reasons it won't work and believe the one reason it will. Consume yourself with positive thoughts and believe until it's time to BE IT. I am not alone!

-Waiting Without The Weight -

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